How to choose the best fashion design school

Have you ever dreamed of being part of fashion world, but you don’t know how to start? Choosing a fashion school could be the best idea, as long as you have the right informations. Here some tips to keep a clear head while you’re deciding about your future.
With the good intentions of this becoming of the year, and taking advange by my experience as teacher of design, I’ve decided to dedicate great part of my articles of the next months to fashion schools and students. Very soon we will start a tour on the best Italian schools, comparing their programs and the educative offers to give a complete guide to all aspiring fashion designers. But before starting with this marathon, I’ve asked myself a question:
“If I was a young student or an aspiring fashion designer, how could I choose the perfect school for my career?”
Things have changed since I was a young girl passionate about fashion and in search of a school to learn everything about my dream job. At that time there weren't so many possibilities as today. Only a few schools in Italy, all private and expensive, and some mythical names outside my country, even more expensive and unreachable.

Today is different. Finally we can find a wide range of fashion schools, private or public universities, practically everywhere in the world and for all budgets. In this so rich educative offer is not really easy to understand what can be the best choice. You should remember that a wrong decision in this particular moment of your young life can determinate your future.

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