Is clothes fashion any different than wine?

This part will concentrate on fashion. I've asked a buddy who works to comment since I know little about fashion. What's It? Fashion applies to plenty of things! Artifacts, furniture, architecture, watches, pens, dishes cooking utensils coffee makers dishwashers, and, oh yes, even clothes. Something could be trendy as conventional styles are in fashion. Necessity costs? The individuals must cover things like clothes and food. While clothing that is essential is accessible and changes small year, leaders of the fashion sector manage to set trends season continuously supplying the customer something. While others fail tendencies catch on.
Fashion Friends Comment: There is a whole part of the industry dedicated to trend color and forecasting.
Fashion designers are working on seasons years beforehand. Spring fashion week is in Feb, autumn collections are shown in the spring. At fashion week last Sept, designers showed their Spring 2019 collections, that have been in the works for approximately a year. Things have to happen way in advance so that designers can get their fabrics ordered\/made and their clothing produced. Plus they must have fits before approving them for every outfit. And there must be time to put everything and ship by delivery dates to shops. Fashion directors of major department shops and purchasers from all over attend vogue shows and try to choose which tendencies will catch on and place orders for their shops.
Is clothes fashion any different than wine? I quote from an article I wrote on wine: Wine selections are rarely connected to taste. And further, price doesn't accurately predict taste: in cautiously conducted large blind tastings, less affordable wines weren't preferred. And some people buy wine because it's expensive. Fashion Friends Comment: I believe this is a great comparison.
Many individuals do only buy things due to a label or price tag, without giving any thought to precisely the real quality of precisely the garment, or whatever it might be.
Probably the lens quality varies slightly, but honestly what's the distinction between plastic frame sun glasses from a street merchant vs. Dior ones. A big logo on the side. The main difference between vogue and wine is that vogue is continuously changing and evolving, offering completely new products, while wine has been made for hundreds of years in precisely the same way and aside from various grape harvests every year, it sees small change in the final product. Does it matter that vogue and wine selections are based on somewhat whimsical criteria? I do not think so. If individuals have been willing to pay a premium for whatever reason, value has been added.

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