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Travel and fashion are a perfect match with almost half of all global travelers agreeing that looking their best while on vacation is important (48%). Whether functional or fashionable, a vacation wardrobe is a big part of any trip, from planning and packing to the actual vacation experience itself.

Research conducted by the company across 21,500 global travelers from 29 countries uncovers how fashion influences travel and confidence and impacts style choices while on vacation and beyond.

Style stimulationBefore the actual trip comes the often stressful vacation prepping, such as researching, planning and packing. Almost half of global travelers agree that looking their best while on vacation is paramount (48%), as is wanting to dress their best for vacation photos which likely end up on social media (43%). In fact, one in five (19%) travelers are so concerned with their appearance while on holiday that some would rather spend money on a wardrobe than on activities during the trip.When planning their travel apparel, global travelers seek inspiration from friends (69%), family (60%), TV programs (44%) and fashion and style influencers (37%), mining them for ideas of what to take as part of the all-important vacation wardrobe. But there are also aspects of a vacation that can inspire a style revolution.

Travelling outside the comfort zoneWhen it comes to style, travelers are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone while on vacation, trying new and different outfits that bring out hidden facets of a personality. Over one in three (35%) global travelers say their vacation outfits are brighter and more colorful than an everyday wardrobe and a quarter of travelers (25%) even choose more daring clothing while on vacation. Only a small minority (9%) say they are more reserved or understated whilst on vacation. Traveling can also bring out styles only worn while on vacation, but never at home.

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